“For many years, getting my hair cut was just another chore that I included somewhere in my busy schedule as a full time working mother of three active boys. A friend of mine asked me to accompany her to Silver Scissors for a change and the rest as they say is history! I found out that getting a hair cut can be a fun, relaxing endeavor with good friends, laughs and above all a very satisfactory result at the end. I would recommend her to anyone. Her warmth and personality shine through and she always, always gives the “right” advice. As the time has flown by, I have branched out from just getting my hair done to taking advantage of the other services that Silver Scissors and The Emerald Spa offers. CoraLee is my new best friend in keeping me shipshape with waxing and nails. She even makes that experience pleasant! I love to go through the door and see the smiling faces that great you! I can’t say enough about Jackie, Jessica, Robert, Vanessa, and the list goes on and on! They all have time to say hello, even though you aren’t their client, and help you feel you have carved out a little oasis of tranquility for yourself in life’s hectic schedule. It’s a place to feel pampered, a place where you know you will leave looking a heck of a lot better than when you went in!” Geraldine Shears

“Since I have moved to Corner Brook the only place that I have gone to get my hair done is Silver Scissors. I love the atmosphere, the convenience of the hours and location; but more importantly I love the staff. Every visit for me is a treat and a pleasure. With the warm welcome as you walk in the door, to the specialty teas and coffees they serve while you are waiting. I absolutely love my hairdresser Amanda, who every time I go there I know she has my best interest in hand and knows exactly what I want done. I have complete confidence in her and leave it in her hands to do what she has to do. The time spent on the client is worth every penny and more for the special treatment you receive when you are at both Silver Scissors and The Emerald Spa. I recommend this place to anyone, man, women or child as you will be treated with respect and care. Satisfaction guaranteed every time! Keep up the fantastic work!”Tanya MacLennan Corner Brook, NL

““A place like no other. . .Silver Scissors and The Emerald Spa where the colors are silver and green in the title but the service and the experience is golden!” Why would you want to go anywhere else for the ‘best’ in pampering yourself from head to toe!” Katrina Basha

“Since moving back to Corner Brook in 1999, I’ve been coming to Silver Scissors, not just for a “hair do” but for an experience. Elizabeth’s imagination stretches beyond our small community and always brings us the latest trends from the international field of beauty care. Spending a couple hours in the salon or the spa is a retreat that makes me feel refreshed and at least ten years younger!” Kelly Taylor Hulan

“I’ve been a customer at Silver Springs for five years now since returning to Corner Brook from Calgary. I don’t think I have ever left not loving my hair. One thing that impresses me is that a great deal of thought is always being put into designing the space. You know it must be a great place to work because you see the same lovely faces and skilled hands working there!” Brenda Stratton

“I received as a Christmas gift the Emerald Experience Full Day Spa package and still to this day when I think about the mud bath, body wrap, and pedicure it takes my breath away. It was about the most relaxing, soothing, uplifting thing you will ever do for yourself. I felt like a new me when the day was done. I recommend it to everyone I talk to. I don’t recall the young girls name but she was a delightful and very soft spoken person which made the day even more relaxing and enjoyable. You have a wonderful place for people like me to relax and have some me time.” Kate Bennett

“Silver Scissors could easily be a “gallery.” The stylists are truly artists!” Carol Warren